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Joshua Hirschstein has advised students on the all aspects of the transition from high school to college for over 35 years. He began his career as a high-school English and history teacher, and began teaching SAT/ACT prep in 1985. He taught and tutored in Seattle and Kathmandu, Nepal before earning an M.A. in Writing Education at UC Berkeley. In 1990, Joshua founded Lane Tutoring Service, Inc. in Eugene. He and his wife, Maren, have two children: Ari, a graduate of Earlham College, and Zall, a graduate of Bard College.

Workshop: Take Charge of the College Admissions Process

Stop spinning and start plotting! Joshua Hirschstein, 32-year director of Lane Tutoring Service, invites a college-bound student and parents for a two-hour workshop that provides clear information, knowledgeable guidance, realistic perspective, and up-beat momentum for the competitive college selection and admissions processes. We will address:

  • What do colleges seek in applicants? How can applicants best present themselves to their college choices?
  • How does one research and gain admittance to the best college options? What makes a "good match"?
  • How much should the student steer the process, and when should parents or others step in?
  • Should students take the SAT or ACT? If scores are optional, should a test be taken? How vital is the score?
  • What is attractive to colleges in the admissions essay? How much input should others have?
  • How does "financial reality" impact the process, and what other local and online resources are available?

Recommended for sophomores and juniors. Fee: $135.00

Additional one-on-one college selection and admissions coaching: $55/hr

College Admissions and Scholarship Essay Coaching

  • One-on-one with Joshua Hirschstein, M.A. (Writing Education, UC Berkeley)
  • Brainstorming, sharpening, and editing; "honing the student's unique voice and story"
  • College Admissions Essay (usually 4-6 hours) and Scholarships Essay Coaching Fee: $55/hr

SAT and ACT Mastery Sessions:

  • Provide 7 hours of thorough, focused, and friendly instruction in a one-on-one setting.
  • Review the essential mathematics, reading, grammar, and writing skills.
  • Teach a variety of "point-gaining" strategies specific to the exam and the student's skills.
  • Provide individualized, realistic direction and quality materials for home practice.
  • Build confidence and calm in the test-taker.
  • Are designed for focused students who are intent on improving scores.

Quality preparation begins with a practice exam that is analyzed to locate where points are, and are not, being scored. To obtain maximum scores, students are expected to study 30-45 minutes daily for 4 to 6 weeks.


SAT or ACT Practice exam + scoring/analysis + 7 hours one-on-one instruction + materials: $415

Self-proctored SAT or ACT exam, facilitated by mail or office drop-off; due 5 weeks before actual exam date.

Proctored exam option, taken at Lane Tutoring Service office (3.5 hr): add $75

Proctored practice exams are usually scheduled on a weekend 5 to 8 weeks before actual exam date.

Self-proctor both the practice SAT and ACT exam (to determine which to prepare for): add $25

Full prep for both the SAT and ACT exams (2 practice exams, 10.5 hours instruction, all materials): $595

SAT or ACT Practice Exam only – no instruction (incl. self-proctored exam, scoring, 20 minute discussion): $45

Test prep instruction fee on a per-hour basis: $55/hr

Instructor: Joshua Hirschstein, Director of Lane Tutoring Service, SAT/ACT prep instructor since 1984.
Schedule: Afternoon, evening, and weekend sessions are available.
Location: Lane Tutoring Service office, 2141 Crest Dr., Eugene (SW Eugene, end of Chambers St.)

Call/text (541-484-4133) or email ( ) for more information or to register.

The Grammar of Good Writing

Developed and taught for by Joshua Hirschstein M.A. (UC Berkeley, Wriiting Education), this course explores the intersection of English grammar and engaging writing. To gain a full understanding of the structure, utility, and power of English, students explore language and the craft of better writing through three different lenses:

  • Learning English grammar and the skills of sentence analysis through sentence diagramming.
  • Writing a variety of short stories and narrative essays, applying one's growing knowledge of grammar to make prose more engaging for one's readers.
  • Reading captivating short stories and short essays from an array of talented writers.

The course is designed for motivated writers in grades 8-12 who are eager to hone their writing craft.
Students are expected to invest at least one hour of time in writing activities between sessions.

Joshua loves the English language, and has finessed this curriculum for 30 years. Sessions are spirited, focused, and rewarding. Full course of sentence diagramming requires 16 one-hour sessions. Fee: $45/hr